Elisa Farinacci

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Elisa Farinacci

I am a research fellow in Cinema, Photography and Television at the Department of the Arts (DAR) of the University of Bologna. I earned a PhD with double degree in History (M-STO / 06) at the Department of History, Culture and Civilization of the University of Bologna and in Cultural Anthropology (M-DEA / 01) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


I have been collaborating with CREMIT since June 2018. Within CREMIT I have been taking part in research and training projects related to the field of pastoral care and digital media. I am also editor of the international column “Global CREMIT: International Perspectives”, co-founder of the editorial series “Nuovi Alfabeti”, and member of the research group CAVE (Audio Visual Centers for Education). I am endeavoring to create a collaboration between CREMIT and the Department of the Arts of the University of Bologna on projects related to audiovisual literacy in schools. Currently I am involved in the project “ObiettivoCorto – Scuola” promoted by the ObiettivoCorto – Mobile Film Festival, which aims at creating a course for high school students on how to develop a short film.

Studies and professional training

Currently I am a post-Doctoral research fellow at the Department of the Arts of the University of Bologna, however, my background is in Cultural Anthropology. I have conducted my PhD research on Palestinian Christian minorities in Bethlehem, earning a double degree in History and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Bologna and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. At the Department of Arts, I am applying my ethno-anthropological knowledge within the “Italian Na(rra)tives: The International Circulation of brand-Italy in the Media” which investigates the circulation of Italian national identity through cultural audio-visual and literary products that are internationally distributed.

Research and intervention areas

Pastoral care and digital media, Media Education, audio-visual education in schools, Italian Cinema and television seriality, cultural studies, production studies, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, material culture, border studies, Middle Eastern ethnography, sacred places and territorial conflicts.

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