Ilaria Terrenghi

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Ilaria Terrenghi

I hold a PhD in Education and Communication Sciences. Since 2016 I have been a lecturer in General Didactics (didactic planning) and since 2019 a conductor of the General Didactics Laboratory at the Brescia campus of the Catholic University (degree course in Primary Education Sciences).


I have been collaborating with CREMIT since 2015. The topics I mainly deal with concern the effectiveness of teaching and learning processes and, specifically, EAS and multi-modal systematic observation methodologies. I am an expert in didactic planning and special activities; teaching and special pedagogy; general didactics and history of motor education.

Since 2019 I have been teaching the laboratory in “General Didactics” at the Catholic University of Brescia. 

Since 2019 I have been involved in two large projects:

• “The use of mobile devices in primary school classes. A research-training path” a two-year research-training focusing on supporting and training teachers in using tablets as educational devices.

• “Prism: giving light to new dimensions of educational wealth” a four-year project which aims at combating educational poverty through various didactic, laboratorial, and training interventions in some of the main Lombard provinces.

Studies and professional training

I graduated in Education and Training Sciences at the Catholic University of Milan (2013) and, subsequently, in Pedagogical Sciences (2015) with a thesis entitled “Videogames to become competent” under the supervision of Prof. Simona Ferrari.

In 2015 I started my PhD in Education and Communication Sciences at the University of Milan-Bicocca. Here the collaboration with a group of psychologists allowed me to develop specific skills on quantitative research methods and, in general, to develop a great interest in the qualitative-quantitative research methodology.

My PhD research is entitled: “Situated Learning Episodes: EAS teaching to increase involvement and encourage deep learning. A multi-method research in upper secondary school” in which, through an experiment conducted in an Equal Institute in the province of Milan, I deepened my knowledge on the EAS method, which has emerged as an effective approach, especially from the point of view of student engagement (behavioral, emotional and cognitive involvement).

I also gained significant skills on the design of educational laboratories (I designed a workshop course entitled “Learning by skills: designing and evaluating in the upside-down class”, proposed to students of Education and e-tutoring activities in a Blended Psychology course aimed at training current and future teachers.

In the 2018/19 academic year I won a scholarship to conduct research activities within the project “Multi-modal observational analysis of student engagement in the context of lab teaching activities”. Here I was able to deepen my knowledge on the systematic observation of laboratory robotic activities, with specific attention towards the design, implementation, and monitoring of all phases of the research.

Research activities

I mainly deal with the effectiveness of teaching/learning processes; communicative effectiveness, especially within the school environment; the EAS method; systematic and multi-modal observation methodologies; designing of observational tools (coding grids); devising tools for systematic observation of behavior (Theme Coder, Behavior Coder, Lince Coder, etc.).

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