Kim Commisso

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Kim Commisso

I am a consultant and trainer for the development of digital skills and teaching with new technologies. I collaborate with organizations and companies for the design, training and management of projects on these issues. With CREMIT I work on teachers’ training, e-tutoring, media education and methodological-didactic. I also coordinate several projects in which CREMIT is involved.

For two years I have been working in professional institutions as a computer science teacher with a particular emphasis on digital communication/information and the use of new technologies.


Consultant, Trainer, E-tutor, Project Manager.

Studies and professional training

I have a MA degree in “Adult Education and the Development of Training Processes”. I worked for 5 years for a private company on professional training, focusing on management, sales, communication, and marketing. During this period, I have attended many professional training courses related to sales techniques, effective communication, and self-efficacy. Now I work with companies as a consultant. I have been engaging with teachers’ training and Media Education for 4 years, and for a year I have been teaching humanities at high school level. I did a CAF at the Politecnico di Milano on the development of Android applications and one at the Catholic University on “training-trainers” for teaching with mobile devices. I obtained a Master in 2017 at the Catholic University in Media Education Manager.

Univ. Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
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