Rosaria Pace

di Maria Cristina Garbui

Rosaria Pace

Earned her PhD at the University of Salento – ISUFI High School (Lecce) – with a thesis on the design of digital resources for cultural mediation in schools and museums.


I collaborate with the CREMIT conducting training and research activities on issues related to non-standard didactic contests and small schools; didactic innovation; and education technology. From my studies in communication, I developed an interest in interactions in digital environments, for different media formats, and Media Literacy.

Studies and professional training

I Graduated in communication, with a MA degree in Journalistic Writing and Multimedia, in 2012 I obtained a PhD in Pedagogy, during which I had the opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research. Furthermore, during my doctoral studies, the digital learning environments, the innovative teaching methodologies and the new forms of textuality represented the center of a reflection aimed at creating effective paths and interventions for users. Finally, I have experiences as a freelance journalist and copywriter in a spinoff company: hence my passion for writing and storytelling, not only restricted to the digital environment.

Research interests

My research interests are mainly related to the design of educational interventions in the context of didactic innovation, participatory design models, and forms of digital textuality.


As part of my PhD, I dealt with resource design and didactic paths for formal and informal learning contests, with particular attention towards the use of digital environments for communication and teaching of cultural heritage. 

While working as a research fellow I was able to study methodologies and models related to the introduction of didactic technologies in various educational contexts. I have experienced co-design processes for museum education, social learning, continuous and in-service training of teachers, and non-standard school contests. I recently started working in the field of Digital Civic Education.

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