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Camilla Zabaglio

Camilla Zabaglio


I have been a collaborator at Cremit since 2010. Currently, I am involved in human resources management for the integration of new resources, training in the educational sector, and documentation. I conduct workshops in the “General Didactics” degree course at the Brescia Campus and manage the experiential weeks in the courses of “General Didactics” and “Didactics and Instructional Technologies” at the Milan campus.

Education and Professional Training

I hold a degree in Educational Sciences and have completed a master’s degree in “Communication and Training.” I am assistent in the disciplines of “General Didactics” and “Didactics and Instructional Technologies.” I have taught as a primary school teacher, where I also served as the deputy headteacher, assuming acting roles in the absence of the headteacher for three years. Additionally, I have attended numerous professional development courses that have enabled me to acquire skills both in the educational field and in organizational management.

Fields of Research and Intervention

I have collaborated on research projects concerning hospital schools, the use of media in schools, and the “Jetl@g” research, which involved teachers and students from high schools in Jordan to investigate the uses and representations of technology in schools. Additionally, I have been  a tutor in the national initiative “Cl@ssi 2.0” and in the “Terre Verdiane” program, providing support and direct interventions in the “Small Schools” program. I have also contributed articles to the educational magazine “Scuola italiana moderna” published by La Scuola. Currently, my research interest focuses on enhancing my knowledge of artificial intelligence applied to education.

Univ. Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Largo Fra Agostino Gemelli, 1 - 20123 Milano
Tel. 02-72343038 / 02-72343036 (direzione)

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