Camilla Zabaglio

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Camilla Zabaglio

I have been collaborating with CREMIT since 2010. Currently, I am the coordinator of several grant founded research projects. Specifically, I follow the preliminary investigation concerning the planning and bureaucratic procedures of research grants. I am in charge of human resources management, and of developing training activities for the projects where I am the PM. She also develops training activities to be applied in the school system. She conducts laboratories in general education and education technologies.

I hold a BA in Education, and a MA Degree in “Communication and education”. I am a lecturer in “General Education”, “Special Education and Pedagogy”. I am also guest lecturer in the courses “Teaching and Technologies” (held by Prof. Pier Cesare Rivoltella), and “Teaching and technologies of education” (held by Prof. Simona Ferrari). Furthermore, I taught in primary school for 3 years holding the position of collaborator of the school director. I participated in professional training courses acquiring skills in the field of education and management. 

Research interests

I collaborate in research projects involving schooling in hospitals, and the use of media in schools. Specifically, I collaborated in the “Jetl@g” project which involved teachers and high school students in Jordan to investigate the uses and representations of technologies in school. I was tutor for the national initiative “Cl@ssi 2.0” and for the “Verdi lands” project. I supported and directed the “Small schools” project. Furthermore, I have published extensively on the school journal “Scuola italiana moderna”. Currently my research interests focus on neuroscience applied to teaching.

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