Marco Rondonotti

di Maria Cristina Garbui

Marco Rondonotti

I earned a PhD in Educational Sciences at the Catholic University of Milan and I have been collaborating with CREMIT since 2015. I am an ordained priest from the Diocese of Novara.


I have collaborated with CREMIT since 2015, focusing my research and activities on Pastoral care and digital media. 

Studies and professional training

I hold a baccalaureate from the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy and a BA in Education discussing a thesis entitled: “Creating community in Social Networks”. I also earned a MA in Pedagogy discussing a thesis entitled: “Didactics and pastoral care on the Web”.

I earned a PhD in Education from the Catholic University of Milan conducting a research entitled: “Community Connections” which focused on the transformations that the concept of community is undergoing in the contemporary social landscapes and the role that it plays in new digital contexts.

Research interests

Pastoral care and digital media, technologies and didactics, media education

Research and activities

Design and management of training and workshops on pastoral care and digital media. 

Design and teaching of Media Education workshops.

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