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Marco Rondonotti

Marco Rondonotti

I am an Associate Professor of Experimental Pedagogy at the eCampus University of Novedrate (CO). Currently, I am a member of the editorial board of “EaS. Essere a Scuola”, a professional development journal for primary education, and of the editorial board of the scientific journal REM. I am also a member of the scientific societies SIREM, SIPED, and SIRD.

I have held research and teaching positions since 2014 in the field of educational technologies, didactics, and psychometrics in undergraduate, graduate, master’s, and advanced courses at: the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, eCampus University, the University of Milan, and the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences in Novara.


Associate Professor in the M/PED-04 area at eCampus University, teaching “Experimental Pedagogy” and “Psychometrics.”

Education and Professional Training

After obtaining a degree in Education Sciences from the Catholic University of Milan, I began collaborating with the CREMIT at the Catholic University of Milan. My doctoral research at the Catholic University focused on “Person and Education Sciences,” allowing me to delve into the paradigm of community technologies, particularly methods for establishing social digital welfare.

Research and Intervention Areas

My research areas include educational technologies, teaching methodologies, and media education. Research activities focus on the relationship between digital technologies and learning, as well as the effects of digital technology on educational practices. Intervention areas include teaching, higher education, socio-educational contexts, and pastoral care.


In 2023, I edited the book “Technologies, Communities, and Social Inclusion,” and in 2022, the book “Community Connections: Community Technologies and Ecclesial Contexts.”

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