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Alessandra Carenzio

Alessandra Carenzio

I am an Associate Professor of Education at the Catholic University. I engage in research, training, and consultancy activities on the following topics: Media Education and the study of media appropriation; the use of technologies in education focusing on innovation and higher education also as a member of the Teaching and Learning Lab of the University (engaged in the enhancement and innovation of teaching and learning at the University to offer a quality educational experience); digital pastoral care (I am responsible for the research line at CREMIT dedicated to this topic).

Currently, I am a member of the editorial board of “EaS. Essere a Scuola”, a journal for professional development for the first cycle of education, and the editorial board of the scientific journal REM. I am a member of the Executive Board and the scientific committee of CREMIT. I am also a member of the scientific societies SIREM, SIPED, and SIRD.

From 2020 to 2023, I participated in the “Connected Generations” project, which led to the production of an educational kit for schools supported by the Ministry of Education.


I am an Associate Professor of Education at the Catholic University, teaching “Education,” “Educational Technology and Learning,” and “Media Education and Didactics.”

Education and Professional Training

After completing a degree in Education at the Catholic University of Milan (2001) with a thesis entitled “Media Education: Theoretical Foundations and Hypotheses for Didactic Design,” I began collaborating with the Catholic University of Milan as a teaching assistant in the discipline of “Educational Technology and Learning” (Prof. Pier Cesare Rivoltella) and as a collaborator in training initiatives of the Cepad University Center (now Ilab), with pathways aimed at the use of technologies in school education. My Ph.D. in “Pedagogy” at the Catholic University – completed in 2006 – allowed me to focus on media education and research in the field of Media Education, particularly on the investigative dynamics active in European research centers on media and technologies.

Research and Intervention Areas

Media Education, digital media and family, media and technologies in education, innovation in higher education, digital pastoral care.

Recent Research

My recent research includes:

  • Video games as a tool to promote media literacy in times of crisis (YO-Media),
  • Developing an educational kit to bring Basic Life Support training to schools (LIFEFORCE) in collaboration with the Italian Resuscitation Council,
  • Educational innovation (DEPIT – Designing for personalization and inclusion with technologies, App Skill + on the topic of school assessment, Smart Future and Smart Coding).
  • Web pastoral care (UTOP.IE – uses of technologies by pastoral operators. exploratory survey, conducted with the support of the CEI and WeCa).

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