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Elena Valgolio

Elena Valgolio

I am a permanent teacher in primary school, a media educator, and teacher of laboratories on education. My study interests concern the broad sector of educational innovation, with particular attention to the vertical curriculum, to the EAS method (Situated Learning Episodes), to Media Education in primary and secondary school. 


I have been collaborating with CREMIT since 2012, especially in the areas of Methodological Innovation in Teaching using digital technologies. Furthermore, for CREMIT, I carry out Media Education workshops in schools, face-to-face and blended teaching in extra scholastic educational environments. I am a lecturer in the subject of “Learning and educational technologies”, and I teach a laboratory on “Education Technologies and New Assessment” at the Department of Primary Education of the Catholic University.

Studies and professional training

I graduated in 2011 in Primary Education at the Catholic University of Milan, with a thesis entitled: “Multiliteracy and Curriculum in Primary School”, based on a case study carried out in Brisbane: Kenmore State Primary School (Australia). This international experience brought me very close to Media Education and allowed me to experience interesting fields of application in the school context. In 2011, I also obtained the qualification to support pupils with specific learning needs: a topic that I continue to follow with interest. In January 2018 I obtained the II Level Master in “Media Educator Manager: Professions and Methods” at the Catholic University of Brescia with a thesis on the digital civic education curriculum.

Research interests

My main research interests are Media Education; the EAS method, the New Assessment, in relation to the curriculum by skills and teaching technologies; skills assessment; digital applications for the inclusion and support of the EAS method.

Research activities

In 2014/2015 I was involved in the “Hsh Lombardia” research project which focused on the evaluation practices of schoolteachers in hospitals.

I also took part in the “Ontologies, learning objects and communities of practices: educational paradigms for e-learning” project.

I collaborated in the “Jibs- Joint Insert Bank for Schools” project.

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