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Stefano Pasta

CV Dr. Stefano Pasta

Graduate in History at the University of Milan. Studies in Education qualifying with a PhD in this field.

Currently carrying out research in Didactics and Special Pedagogy (M-PED/03).

Lecturer in the following Bachelor Degree courses: Science of Education and Training Processes; Primary Teacher Education; Media Education; Pedagogical Sciences and Personal Services, as well as Advanced Training Courses and Master’s Programs at the University.

Collaboration with CREMIT since 2013 carrying out training and research activities in particular in the field of “Onlife Citizenship”. In combining a media-education approach with Intercultural Pedagogy, the range of studies included an analysis of the different forms of online intolerance and extremism, racism 2.0, education on cultural diversity, cyberbullying, as well as algorithmic logic.

Management of a number of research projects with a particular focus on the concept of “digital educational poverty” and “digital citizenship” as well as the provision of training on digital citizenship. Research on algorithmic logic and techniques in detecting online hate on the social web.

Studies and professional training

MA degree in Contemporary History at the University of Milan (Title of the Thesis: “The war in Kosovo and the Italian Catholic press”). Collaboration with the Research Centre on Intercultural Relations at the Catholic University (Topics: Didactics of the Shoah and Genocide of Roma and Sinti; Intercultural Relations; Citizenship Education; Second Generation Roma and Sinti; Early School Leaving).

PhD in Pedagogy, under the supervision of Professor Pier Cesare Rivoltella, on the topic “Prejudice 2.0. Forms of Intolerance in Contemporary Youth Culture”. Focus was placed on the relevant theoretical models and educational practices” (Evaluation: excellent). It provided the opportunity to hybridize Intercultural and Social Pedagogy with Media Education leading to the collaboration with CREMIT.

Position as a Research Fellow in Didactics and Special Pedagogy from 2018 to 2021

Member of the following Institutions: Ministry of Education, Universities and Research; The Regional School Office of Lombardy; The National Office against Racial Discrimination (UNAR) of the Presidency of the Council and the Municipality of Milan.

Collaboration with Editrice Morcelliana Scholé since 2019. Editorial secretary of the magazine “Scholé, Journal of Education and Cultural Studies”. Editorial member of “EaS, Essere a Scuola”, as well as part of the editorial team of the magazine “Intercultural Education”.

Coordination of the creation of the Multimedia Guide “Giving Memory a Future. Roma and Sinti in Italy and in the World” ( Appointed by MIUR as a member of the “Working Group for the Training of Teachers and School Managers” on issues related to Porrajmos, focussing on the National Inclusion Strategy for Roma, Sinti, and Caminanti”. Collaboration in numerous activities of the “No Hate Parliamentary Alliance” of the Council of Europe.

Member of the “Comitato scientifico dell’Istituto di Ricerche Educative e Formative (IREF)” and the“Centro Internazionale Studi Famiglia (CISF)”

Consultant for third sector organizations and Coordinator of educational services.

Professional journalist in collaboration with national newspapers.

Research and Intervention Areas

  • Racism 2.0, Online Prejudice/ Hate Speech, Forms of Cyberstupidity.
  • Citizenship Education
  • Detection of Hate Speech online.
  • Algorithmic Logic and Information Literacy
  • Counteraction of Digital Educational Poverty
  • Postdigital Intercultures
  • Digital Environments, Processes of Radicalization and Violent Extremism.
  • Migration Flows, Web and Digital Skills.
  • Prevention and Action against Discrimination (Xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Gypsyism, anti-Semitism, etc).
  • Roma and Sinti Groups.
  • Didactics of the Shoah and Porrajmos.
  • School Dropouts.
  • Virtual Research and Ethnography.


2017 “Sirem Young Researcher Award” for the paper “Razzismi 2.0. A proposal to analyse forms of intolerance in contemporary youth culture”.

2019 The Siped “Italian Prize of Pedagogy” for the book on “Razzismi 2.0. Socio-educational analysis of hate online”.

2021 “Sirem Young Researcher Award” for the paper “The search for hate speech based on algorithmic and qualitative assessments. A case study on hate on Twitter”.

2022 “Elisa Frauenfelde International Prize” (III Edition / Section “Culture and Innovation”)


2018 “Razzismi 2.0. A socio-educational analysis of online hate”. Publisher Morcelliana Scholé.

2020 “Muslim students at school. Pluralism, religions, interculturality” (co-author A. Cuciniello) Publisher Carrocci.

2021 “Not even with a click. Girls and online hate” (co-author M. Santerini) . Publisher Franco Angeli.

2022 “Growing onlife. Digital civic education by 74 teacher-authors” (co-author P. Rivoltella) Publisher Morcelliana Scholé.

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