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Over the next months the first versions of the 3 Outputs will be developed by the partnership and an assessment of upper secondary school students’ digital basic skills will be achieved.

Take your time to give a look to the forthcoming Outputs…

The 2nd project meeting is set in Budapest (June 2021) providing a flagship event to share the efforts among the partners and coordinate the work at European and local level.

A landmark 4-days training will be held in Barreiro (PT) (October 2021) in order to share the first version of the MOOC and the Toolkit for digital textbook creation in order to let all the organisations involved implement the local pilots over the months ahead.

The pilots will allow the project to reach beneficiaries (upper secondary school teachers and students) and test the innovative side of the outputs on the ground, improving the digital information literacy of the main target-groups and stakeholders.

The added value of the training focuses on the delivering of innovative digital and didactical methodologies addressing school teachers needs.
The didactical methodologies will innovate school activities as the introduction of the digital outputs will be turning the relationship between school teachers and students following the
main indications outlined by the “Digital competence of educators”.
Indeed the school teachers, through the participation to the Joint Staff Training Event will acquire:

  • To use digital technologies to engage in collaboration with other educators, sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience, and collaboratively innovating pedagogic practices.
  • To use digital technologies and services to enhance the interaction with learners, individually and collectively, within and outside the learning session. To use digital technologies to
    offer timely and targeted guidance and assistance. To experiment with and develop new forms and formats for offering guidance and support.
  • To use digital technologies to foster and enhance learner collaboration. To enable learners to use digital technologies as part of collaborative assignments, as a means of enhancing
    communication, collaboration and collaborative knowledge creation.
  • To generate, select, critically analyse and interpret digital evidence on learner activity, performance and progress, in order to inform teaching and learning.
    Moreover the added value of the training focuses on the introduction of digital tools in compliance with the digital framework 2.0.
  • Browsing, searching and filtering data, information and digital content To articulate information needs , to search for data, information and content in digital environments,
    to access them and to navigate between them. To create and update personal search strategies.
  • Evaluating data, information and digital content To analyse, compare and critically evaluate the credibility and reliability of sources of data, information and digital content. To analyse,
    interpret and critically evaluate the data, information and digital content.
  • To incorporate learning activities, assignments and assessments which require learners to express themselves through digital means, and to modify and create digital content in
    different formats. To teach learners how copyright and licenses apply to digital content, how to reference sources and attribute licenses.
  • indicate ways to create and edit well-defined and routine content in well-defined and routine formats,
  • express myself through the creation of well-defined and routine digital means.
  • operate with new different items of content and information, modifying, refining, improving and integrating them in order to create new and original ones.
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